Thursday, December 27, 2007

Snow Means Slow

Have you noticed how much slower life becomes when snow hits in Seattle? Particularly striking is the lack of car traffic. It's as though three-fourths of car trips are entirely discretionary. Somehow even though all these people aren't driving around, the world doesn't come to a stop.

We need to treat more days as "snow days," where we focus on things that don't require getting into a car and driving around. It would help us slow down, but also would help save the planet.

My husband loves to ride his bike in the snow!

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Christine said...

I love snow days, although, since I live in Texas, they don't come very often. When we do get snow, it's often more ice than snow. Travel comes to a standstill for a day or two until the temps warm up and the ice melts. All the traffic noise goes away, and a beautiful and calm quiet descends. It's so lovely and peaceful.