Monday, December 10, 2007

Social networking no substitute for in the flesh

New York Times ("Friending, Ancient or Otherwise") talks about the new “oral” culture in discussing on line social networks, quoting academics saying that this kind of communication is similar to tribal communication of the past. That we’re basically talking when we blog and text message. After running on like this for several lines, the author finally asks whether there is any credence to this, quoting another academic saying that the more time we spend online “talking,” the less time we spend really talking.

Yes, people may be communicating online, but let’s face it. Nothing is a substitute for the REAL THING! One of the themes in my book is about learning to tell the difference between real and counterfeit community. Television and malls comprise counterfeit community! Is social networking counterfeit community? Well, it’s not as bad as TV and malls, but it should be being used to get people to talk face to face.

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