Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Enjoy Your Life, and Others Will Too

We’re supposed to be enjoying ourselves. People on the right are often filled with hate, but those of us on the left are angry or self-righteous a lot of the time. The best way to draw people into our movement is to welcome people and help them enjoy themselves. One of our longtime progressives, Barbara Ehrenreich, reminds us of that in her new book, Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy.

She shows how essential collective joy is to us, as human beings, and how dancing always threatens those in power. Where are our liberal dances! Bring back rock and roll parties. Let’s scare the people in charge!

Catch Barbara's message in a New York Times piece.

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Anonymous said...

I am reading "Slow is Beautiful" at the moment. I am really enjoying it. As I am reading the book, I am often reminded of the Zen proverb: "You cannot see your reflection in running water". It is only when we are still that we can truly see our own reflection.

Thanks for the wonderful book!

Russ Kennedy, MD