Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bichons Against Bush! Slow Protests against the War

My husband Paul took some video at our Seattle peace march Saturday, focusing on our bichon Maggie and her new friend Whistler! along with our friends in the Phinney Neighbors for Peace and Justice.

It was a "Slow March!" Central to the Slow life are community, leisure, and joie de vivre. Most people don't expect that you can experience these things at a protest march, but this video shows that that's exactly what you can do. It was not a grim affair, notice all the poochies for peace and smiling faces. There was a lot of hope, even in the face of an unyielding administration.

To my mind this video captures the event better than any of the news stories, with their disinterested (and uninteresting) focus on police control and headcounts. In their efforts to be unbiased or objective or whatever term they want to apply, mainstream journalists also become dessicated stenographers of meaningless factoids, "reporting" but not thinking or actively writing. If they're as bored with their jobs as their dispatches make them appear, they should find a line of work that inspires and invigorates them — and leave real journalism to people who care about the truth, humanity and justice.

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Carmen said...

Hi fellow bichon Mom. We live in Ballard and am wondering if there is a bichon group around here. Carmen