Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Consumerism Brings Little Joy

David Horsey (in Seattle Post-Intelligencer):

"Still, Bothell resident Susan Lamb Virant said consumerism, in moderation, can be a joyous experience, but she added this sobering thought: 'This may be my last Christmas season, as I have terminal cancer. I would never waste this precious time on bargain-shopping mania. Perhaps we all (including those merchants who offer the 'doorbusters') should plan each holiday as though it were our last, remembering why we are celebrating, treating one another with kindness and feeling joy just to be alive and well -- well enough to shop'!"

If there's one lesson to Slow Is Beautiful, it's that we need to treat each moment as though it could be our last. Would you want your final hours to be spent standing in line at a mall?

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